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Roma, 12 genuary 2010 - (Adnkronos) - MILE Traffic and Travel GmbH (MILE), is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a new multi year contract from BMW AG to provide Next generation Real Time Traffic Information throughout Europe. This is the first pan European service contract announcement from any car manufacturer and follows a significant and thorough evaluation of MILE ’s technologies and operations in a competitive tendering process. The contract was awarded on the basis of quality, scalability and functionality of technology combined with a proven track record of working with BMW across various European markets.

The members of MILE are ITIS, Mediamobile (part of the TDF Group) and Infoblu (part of Atlantia/Autostrade Group) who are the leading traffic information providers respectively in the UK, France and Italy. MILE was formed to combine expertise, technology and local knowledge in the respective markets and will make the new pan-European traffic service available under the Precision Traffic brand which is already operating successfully in the UK. All three companies have worked with BMW since 2002 and in that time have built up a deep understanding of BMW ’s requirements.

Based on our combined knowledge of the traffic information market, MILE is building a new traffic information solution for Germany and will be implementing a programme of continuous improvement in existing markets using common technology platforms and best practice. BMW offers premium traffic information and MILE recognise the need for a high performance, next generation traffic and navigation service in Europe for BMW.

MILE Head Office will be in Munich. Jonathan Burr has been appointed as Chief Executive of MILE and will take on the day to day responsibility for operations whilst retaining his position as Chief Operating Officer at ITIS.

Stuart Marks, Chief Executive of ITIS, Michel Reneric, Chairman of Mediamobile and Piero Bergamini, President and Chief Executive of Infoblu said, "We are very pleased that MILE has been awarded this significant new contract from BMW who are recognised for their innovation and passion for quality. This announcement endorses our technology and business strategy of recent years and demonstrates that together we are market leaders of high quality traffic information.

We are particularly delighted to be building a new service in Germany and to be able to enter this important market through innovation and the use of latest technologies. BMW have exceptionally high standards and we were selected bases on our ability to meet these. We are now working on making next generation traffic information a great success for BMW".

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