mappa coperturaThe TMC.IT service is provided by Infoblu on RTL 102.5 frequencies. The actual coverage depends essentialy on the FM radio frequency signal which for RTL 102.5 is available on about the 80% of the Italian territory.
The available information includes traffic congestions and other notices which can be relevant for travelling (e.g. weather situation, accidents, roadworks,..). All traffic related news are provided directly by the Traffic Control Centers of motorway licensees, enriched with automatic monitoring systems.
You can check the radio coverage for all italian districts by the "Sintonizza la tua radio" search on RTL 102.5 site.

Signal coverage:
The TMC.IT service is available on 80% of Italian territory on RTL 102.5 frequencies.
Information coverage:
Informations are available on motorways
and major roads. Information coverage is
in expansion.
Information sources:
Infoblu acts as aggregator of the data
coming from several sources:
Gruppo Autostrade per l'Italia, Infomobility, Octotelematics.
Traffic Sensors:
Monitoring is supported through a rich technological infrastructure made up of cameras and traffic sensors, enriched with floating car data.